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Biologie en Ecologie van Planten 

1st year BSc

I instruct the first year BSc course in Plant Biology, coordinating the practicals and tutorials for 300 + first year students. This course is compulsory for all first year students and is a fantastic opportunity to introduce the wonders of plants to fresh university students and hopefully nurture future plant biologists. Considering the student numbers, the logistics is always a challenge. I coordinate the practicals and tutorials for this course together with technicians, PhDs, postdocs and student assistants. It is always an intense period but leaves us all very gratified!

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Teaching team (almost everyone!) 2018-19

Teaching team (almost everyone!) 2019-20

Food Forward

3rd year BSc course

This course was inspired by the Future Food science hub at UU. Future food brings together all food-related science at UU and we (Ronnie de Jonge and me) designed this course to reflect the multi-disciplinarity and relevance of food research. The course instructs students on different aspects of food production and consumption, the challenges faced and the scientific innovations that are paving the way forward. We also emphasize the importance of science communication to the general public using various media (written and spoken).


Student media campaigns 


Student poster pitches

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